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Dr. David Jackson

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Dr. David Jackson - Speaker at The WAVE Chiropractic Conference

The Art of Chiropractic —

Improving Patient Outcomes through Clarity in Communication

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Dr. David Jackson - Speaker at The WAVE Chiropractic Conference

About the speaker

Dr. David Jackson

Are you looking for guidance in building your practice? David Jackson, DC, founder and CEO of Epic Practice, is coming to the WAVE this year to talk about clarity in communication. He’ll focus on addressing the needs of the patient, the role of the chiropractor, and a chiropractor’s responsibilities to the patient and the community. He’ll also teach techniques for assessing and communicating wellness to patients.

Dr. Jackson, a speaker and chiropractic business development expert, says he became “extremely passionate” about helping other chiropractors as he was building his own business. “Watching other doctors struggle, and knowing that there were sick people out there they could be caring for, made that passion come alive inside me even more,” he says. In 2001, he sold his practice, moved across the country, and became the President of Chiropractic Leadership Alliance, or CLA. Now he travels to speak, inspire, and help chiropractors build better practices. He’s helped more than 4,000 chiropractors create their dream practice in the past 20 years.

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