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With the transition of the WAVE 2020 to a virtual format, Life West offers a wide range of Continuing Education credits now available on-demand through December 31, 2020.

Separate X-Ray and CA tracks are also available.

Understanding CE credit requirements

With varying shelter-in-place restrictions due to COVID-19, most states have made arrangements to allow virtual and on-demand content to, at least temporarily, replace previous in-person requirements.  However, that is not true across the board.

This chart breaks down all approved, pending and denied CE credit as of today. We will continue to update this chart as “pending” states either confirm or deny the CE credit available.

We continue to work diligently to finalize available CE credit on a state-by-state basis — many of which are still working through those processes themselves.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact Life West Postgraduate & Continuing Education at or (510) 780-4508.

Updated regularly

CE credits state by state

United States

State Pending Online WAVE Hours Approved Online WAVE Hours Max. Hrs Allowed Online per Renewal Cycle*** Notes
Alabama 0 18
Alaska 20 16
Arizona 16.5 12 No philosophy
Arkansas 20 12
California 20 12 Includes 5 hrs exam/technique and 2 hrs ethics
Colorado 20* 10
Connecticut 20* 48
Delaware 20* 24 (max. 6 on-demand)
District of Columbia 20* 24
Florida 14 10 No philosophy
Georgia 20 20 No Glowaki
Hawaii 20 20
Idaho 20* 18
Illinois 17* 150 60 minute hrs
Indiana 17* 12 60 minute hrs
Iowa 20* 60
Kansas 17 50 No philosophy
Kentucky 17 12 No philosophy
Louisiana 0 0 Online not available
Maine 17 12 60 minute hrs
Maryland 20* 48
Massachusetts 20* 12
Michigan 20* 15
Minnesota 20 20
Mississippi 20 12
Missouri 20 48
Montana 19* 12 Maximum 2 hrs philosophy
Nebraska 20* 36
Nevada 20 36
Nevada – CAs 3 [all]
New Hampshire 20 20
New Jersey 20* 30 (max. 12 on-demand)
New Mexico 17 8 60 minute hrs
New York 18 36 (live webinar=live in person) No Johnston, Lazarus
North Carolina 20 8
North Dakota 20 20
Ohio 0 24 Online not available
Oklahoma 0 8
Oregon 20* 20
Pennsylvania 2 16 24 No Glowaki
Puerto Rico 20*
Rhode Island 20* 30 (live webinar=live in person)
South Carolina 17* 18 (live webinar=live in person) 60 minute hrs
South Dakota 17 40 No philosophy
Tennessee 17 6 No philosophy
Texas 20 10 (live webinar=live in person)
Utah 20* 40
Vermont 17* 24 No philosophy
Virginia 20* 60
Washington 20* 25
West Virginia 0 18
Wisconsin 0 0 Online not approved
Wyoming 20* 12


Province Pending Online WAVE Hours Approved Online WAVE Hours Max. Hrs Allowed Online per Renewal Cycle*** Notes
Alberta 10 24 full hours only: Anrig,Gatterman, Motley, Murphy, Rosa. no Harrison.
British Columbia [20**] Contact Board See ** at right


For states listed as “No Philosophy”

The following speakers’ topics are philosophy-based and will not qualify for CE credit in those states:

  • Dr. Ian Davis-Tremayne
  • Dr. Ron Oberstein
  • Dr. Mindy Pelz
  • Dr. Ryan Rieder
  • Dr. Selina Sigafoose-Jackson
  • Dr. Devin Vrana

Special characters key

* Some licensing boards do not require an application when a program is sponsored by an institution accredited by the Council on Chiropractic Education. Life Chiropractic College West cannot warrant that every session of this offering will be automatically accepted by these licensing board(s). Life West urges licensees to familiarize themselves with the laws governing continuing education in the jurisdictions where they hold licensure.

^Alaska Board of Chiropractic does not require an application from PACE approved providers.

**British Columbia Board of Chiropractic does not approve CE courses. It is up to the registrant to determine the relevance of the learning event.

***Includes known COVID exceptions. State Board policies are changing on a daily basis. You are responsible for verifying your state Board’s final policy regarding online hours. Consult your state Board for details.

Disclaimer for the State of Missouri: Approval of this course is not an acknowledgment of or ruling by the Board of Chiropractic that the methods taught in this course are recognized and approved by the Board as the appropriate practice of chiropractic as defined in Section 331.010, RSMo.

NOTE: Most state boards define a CE hour as a 50-minute period. A handful define an hour as a full 60 minutes. If your state requires a full 60 minutes, you will earn fewer total hours. 

Legal Disclaimer

Continuing education credit (CE) is administered by Life Chiropractic College West (Life West). While applications relating to credit hours for license renewal in elected states have been executed for these programs, it remains attendees’ responsibility to contact the state board(s) from whom they seek continuing education credits for purposes of ensuring said board(s) approve both venue and content as they relate to any seminar, course, lecture, webinar and/or online presentation (event). Neither a speaker’s or exhibitor’s presence at said event, nor product mention or display, shall in any way constitute Life West endorsement. Life West’s role is strictly limited to processing, submitting, and archiving program documents on behalf of course sponsors.

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