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Digital Chiropractic Solutions

20/20 Imaging, a division of Konica Minolta, is the leading provider for digital imaging solutions for the chiropractic market.

Chiropractic Solutions – The Imaging One-Stop Shop

Recognized by chiropractors around the world, 20/20 Imaging’s Opal-Chiro line analysis software continues to lead the way in physician confidence and ultimately the best patient experience. We deliver an advanced chiropractic solution to seamlessly integrate clinic workflow. Our chiropractic solution offers an enterprise level PACS along with several advanced DR panel options. Expand your imaging capabilities and consider diagnostic ultrasound to support regenerative medicine.

  • Best-In-Class Imaging
  • High Resolution
  • Easy to Use Workflow for Rapid Assessment & Diagnostic Confidence.
• High quality cesium panels
• 5 year MFG. warranty
• Versatile positioning
• Space saving design
• Industry favorite
• Easy to use
• Expand imaging options for your patients
• Simple ROI

Opal-Chiro Customized Chiropractic Tool-Set

20/20 Imaging offers the specialized Opal chiropractic tool-set that provides advanced measurement and alignment tools in addition to the standard set of advanced PACS tools and functionalities.

Ultrasound & Regenerative Medicine

Learn and Perform Point of Care Musculoskeletal Ultrasound Exams

  • Scan No. 1 – Is it a Plantar Fasciitis, Fasciosis, or Fascial Tear ?
  • Scan No. 2 – Is it a shoulder Tendinitis, Tendinosis, or Tendon tear ?
  • Scan No. 3 – Is it a Cyst, Lypoma, or Possible Tumor ?

You as a chiropractic physician can learn this skill. You as chiropractic physician can increase your diagnostic acumen while increasing your income and bottom line.

Provide Ultrasound Guided Regenerative Medicine Injections in your office.

Would you like to incorporate state of the art advance medical therapies in your practice? You can learn how to offer PRP Injections and other powerful biologics to help get your patients better fast and the same time you will increase your income and bottom line.

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