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Increase Practice Profitability

BlueIQ collects data from your patient management system, Google Analytics, Facebook, and Quickbooks. You can view and customize metrics across your locations or drill into a single location.

Manage your entire DSO from a single platform, isolate concerns or highlight team members that are contributing to your success! Finally, a software with team intelligence.

Ignite Your Better Patient Experience

Quickly Create Beautiful Dashboards. Accelerate Profits, Empower your team with Smart Actions Daily.

Move the needle, without hiring more employees, spending hours training, or losing out by not staying ahead of the curve!

Blue IQ helps run the business easily and effortlessly, so you can focus on the patients.

No more spreadsheets, no more wasted time and money wondering how your practice is performing. Know how you and your team are performing any time from anywhere. BlueIQ Partners get first hand knowledge and training from BlueIQ the #1 Data Toolbox on the market. Our partnership success team is ready to help you set up a valued partnership for your business.

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