Why are more chiropractors choosing ChiroPreferred?

ChiroPreferred is the first exclusive chiropractic coverage option from the nation’s leading malpractice carrier — MedPro Group. We have access to over 120 years of claims experience and the financial strength to protect you and your practice for years to come.

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We’re pretty old.

Just a little over 120, to be exact. It was 1899 — just a few years after the very first recorded chiropractic adjustment — when MedPro Group started out. Back then, we protected healthcare providers in the face of tough malpractice claims, and we’re still at it today. While ChiroPreferred may be a new name to you, we’re not new to the industry. MedPro spent decades building our reputation as a reliable carrier, and we make every decision with our customers in mind. That’s why we created ChiroPreferred, a customized coverage option exclusively for chiropractors.

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