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As the industry leader in medical therapy laser manufacturing, LightForce® Therapy Lasers is moving the industry forward through laser science and technology. Learn more about how our innovations and treatment solutions can add value to your practice.

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Therapy Lasers:
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LightForce® Therapy Lasers are developed from our team of researchers and Ph.D’s in the field of laser therapy. All of our laser products are manufactured by LightForce® in the United States and are rigorously tested for safety and consistency. Over the years, LightForce® has never end-of-lifed a product, living up to our company promise of reliability through providing product backing and investment protection for our customers. LightForce®’s unparalleled customer support and customer success programs ensure that your laser and your practice are set up to help you win.


We move the industry forward in science, technology, and research.


We offer unparalleled research, customer support, investment protection, and performance.


We provide evidence-based, scientifically proven treatment solutions that produce results.


We implement customer training, marketing support, and clearly defined profit plans.


Innovation: Science & Technology

LightForce seeks to push the envelope through our development of laser technology. Our in-house team of innovators rigorously researches and tests to innovate technology that impacts the world of photobiomodulation.



LightForce leads the way in the field of photobiomodulation through our commitment to research. LightForce actively collaborates with teaching institutions, clinicians, and scientists around the world to validate current and discover new applications for laser use.

The LightForce XLi - 40W Therapy Laser


Leading the Way in Innovation – XLi – XPi

The new LightForce 40W XLi and 25W XPi with Empower IQ Delivery System combine power and intelligence to bring innovation to the laser therapy treatment room.

  • Faster Treatment

  • Larger Areas

  • Deeper Structures

LightForce XLi 40W Therapy Laser

Our most powerful lasers ever


Innovated with the clinician in mind


Built to be user friendly and responsive, Empower IQ is the new generation of delivery technology.

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