MyoVision —

The world’s leader in soft tissue injury evaluation.

MyoVision’s ScanVision Plus and DynaROM diagnostic systems give your clinic a high-tech, professional image while establishing you as the expert in soft tissue injury evaluation.

Perfect for Wellness and Personal Injury

Whether your clinic focuses on wellness, personal injury or both, we have designed the MyoVision to address all of your needs.

  • Fast, easy and accurate
  • Medical Grade WireFree Technology
  • Developed by a NASA trained engineer

Featured in the AMA’s
“A practical guide to Range of Motion.”

Increase patient compliance, education, referrals, PVA and track progress!

EKG for spinal health.
Measurable pain response

The complete solution.

Diagnostic tool for

accurate assessment &


Time spent in assessment is time saved in treatment.

This two-minute test not only proves the need for continued care but it proves the presence or absence of injury & that Chiropractic works! It’s simple, objective proof of your patients subjective complaints.

Time paradigm shift for soft tissue injury evaluation.

Objectively tracking progress allows you to dictate care, not the insurance companies. In today’s data driven society, insurance companies, patient’s, jurors and IME’s require objective data.

The Gold Standard in Injury Evaluation

Provides the power of court-proven, objective data using the patented ScanVision Plus and DynaROM systems.

  • Proven track record in courts
  • Helps establish the quality of the case from the start
  • Educate Patients on nervous system function
  • Determine MMI
Track Progress

Quantifies the amazing healing power of Chiropractic care.

Prove Soft Tissue Injury

Establishes you as the expert in soft tissue injury evaluation.

Instant ROI

With CPT codes 96002, 96004 averaging over $250 per test

Objective Data

Focuses adjusters & juries on quality of data vs.credibility of expert

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