WAVE 2020 —

It’s official. The WAVE 2020 chiropractic conference is going virtual!

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You don’t want to miss this —

The downside? No hugs.
The upside? Pants are optional.

In all seriousness, the setting may be changing, but everything the chiropractic community loves about the WAVE remains the same, and we hope to see you for this virtual conference Aug. 21-23.

A world-class lineup of speakers from the chiropractic world will be offering both live and on-demand presentations. We’ll provide opportunities to earn up to 20 CE hours, as well as chances for alumni and friends to reconnect with Life West and chiropractic colleagues.

Presentations —

9 world-class live speakers

Presenting on the science, philosophy & art of chiropractic

You’re going to come away from this event inspired. Inspired to grow your practice, inspired to build on what you’ve learned, inspired to continue the conversation and inspired to continue to push the boundaries of care that chiropractic provides to millions around the world.

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Available next week —

22 on-demand presentations

Digest at a time & pace that’s best for you

Life West is a Continuing Education powerhouse, and you’re not going to come away from this year’s WAVE feeling like you missed an opportunity. We’ve worked with an amazingly talented group of experts to cover a balanced array of topics that will help you grow as a doctor of chiropractic.

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Tools for your practice

Explore our virtual exhibit hall

Find great solutions to help you grow

From finding hot new products to help your patients to discovering software, marketing and other solutions to help manage and grow your practice, the WAVE Virtual Exhibit Hall will help you explore, learn about and connect with some of the industry’s strongest partners.

Chiropractors at an after-hours event during The Wave conference hosted by Life West

Chat, Video & More —

Connect with your peers & colleagues

Virtual hugs encouraged

While we won’t pretend to have a 1-for-1 replacement for the organic bonding and collaboration that happens at a live WAVE event, we do have some very special things planned to help you connect with your peers and colleagues during the weekend.

Pricing & Registration

Doctors of Chiropractic -

DC Registration

*All CE Credit is Included



Chiropractic Assistants -

CA Registration

*All CE Credit is Included



Students & General Public -

General Admission




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