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Betsy Butterick

By May 12, 2020 July 1st, 2020 No Comments
Betsy Butterick - Speaker at The Wave Chiropractic Conference

The Philosophy of Chiropractic —

Communication Subluxation

Schedule: To be announced soon

Location: Standard Process Assembly Hall (SPAH)

CE Credits: .5 CE hours

Betsy Butterick - Speaker at The Wave Chiropractic Conference

About the speaker

Betsy Butterick

At first glance, communications training and basketball coaching may not seem that similar. But as Betsy Butterick knows, each requires the perfect mix of technique, repetition, playfulness, and trust. As a Coach with Own The Room, she loves helping people discover new skills and reach their full potential in a fun and meaningful way.

A former college and professional women’s basketball coach, Betsy spent over a decade working with teams like Stanford University, the WNBA’s Seattle Storm, the University of Washington (and many more). In 2015, she launched her own business, offering communications coaching to both athletics professionals and leaders at top tech companies in California. A talented motivator, she’s presented at national events like the Women’s Basketball Final Four, the Junior NBA Youth Basketball Leadership Conference, and Ohio University’s Global Coaching Symposium. Betsy holds a Bachelor’s in Psychology from Claremont McKenna College and an Integral Coach Certification from New Ventures West.

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