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Dr. Frank Vaught

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The ART of Chiropractic —

Certainty in the Specific Chiropractic Adjustment

Schedule: 1:35 PM on Friday, August 6th

Location: Live at Life Chiropractic College West

Degrees: DC

Category: Technique

CE Credits: .5 CE hours

About the speaker

Dr. Frank Vaught:

Dr. Frank Vaught Jr is the founder and owner of Health on Earth Wellness Centers, LLC. Dr. Vaught is a Chiropractor, community leader for personal health and wellness, author, and an international speaker. After college, he served 8 years in the United States Army. His military schooling was hospital medical nutrition and hospital combat. Since 2004, he has been practicing ChiropracTIC at Health on Earth Wellness Centers, LLC in the Chicago land area. The practice focuses on family wellness care, and community health education. Dr. Frank Vaught is the co-founder of four other health and wellness locations in Illinois and the Co-Founder of Evoke Chiropractic Coaching LLC.

Dr. Vaught currently resides in the Chicago land area and acknowledges his greatest gift in life is his amazing wife, and children.

An intro to the topic

What Dr. Vaught Hopes You’ll Take Away

Dr. Vaught will be discussing the specificity in the application of the adjustment for doctor and patient maximum result. Also, the proper preparation to achieve the most successful application.

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