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Dr. Brad Glowaki

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Dr. Brad Glowaki - Speaker at The Wave Chiropractic Conference

The Art of Chiropractic —

Grow Your Chiropractic Game

Schedule: To be announced soon

Location: Standard Process Assembly Hall (SPAH)

CE Credits: .5 CE hours

Dr. Brad Glowaki - Speaker at The Wave Chiropractic Conference

About the speaker

Dr. Brad Glowaki:

Award-winning chiropractor and stalwart speaker Brad Glowaki, DC, will return to the WAVE this August. Watch his presentation from the WAVE 2019 below for an example of what Dr. Glowaki will bring to the Life West stage.

Dr. Glowaki manages a million-dollar practice in Seal Beach, California, and has logged more than 10,000 speaking hours at conferences and seminars around the world. Often referred to as “Dr. Glow,” he is also one of Life West’s most trusted mentor docs and has been profiled in Life West Chiropractic Magazine. He has spoken to students and faculty on campus numerous times, and has also referred several current students to the college.

Dr. Glowaki is very excited about a return engagement at Life West’s premier chiropractic conference. “The WAVE provides an opportunity for vitalistic speakers, international students and pace-setting docs, all out to change the world, to connect with one another,” he said. “You can’t miss it!”

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